Best ways to relax during the cold winter

Soaking during a spa or bathtub in winter may be a true luxury. The warm, steamy water keeps you warm and cozy outside within the cold fresh air. And it provides hydrotherapy health benefits, like relaxing sore joints and muscles. It’s also an excellent thanks to unwind solo and with loved ones, especially during the vacations.

Drain & Refill Before the Winter Sets In

Spas and hot tubs require a water change every three months. So to avoid changing the water within the middle of winter, drain and refill your jacuzzi bathtubs before winter arrives. If winter weather is on the horizon, monitor your local weather outlook and choose each day when the temperature is above freezing to avoid freeze damage when draining and refilling the recent tub. During the water change, flush the plumbing with whirlpool rinse to get rid of any build-up in your spa and improve its efficiency.

Stock Up on Supplies

Before winter storms make driving unpleasant, refill on spa maintenance supplies, so you don’t need to venture out for more within the middle of a blizzard. You won’t be ready to use your bathtub if the water isn’t clean and balanced. So avoid missing out on bathtub time and confirm you've got enough sanitizer, chemicals, test strips, and an additional filter cartridge to last the whole winter.

Invest during a High-Quality Cover

High-quality covers are well-insulated and have tight-fitting seals to stay your bathtub securely covered and insulated when not in use. A cover that insulates and stays in situ (i.e. with a lock), even in windy conditions, will prevent heat loss, help maintain the temperature of your spa, and keep your water clean by protecting it from outside contaminants. Also, confirm to stay your cover beyond snow to guard it. Use a snow brush to ignore the snow gently. And always cover the recent tub securely when not in use.

Check Water Levels Regularly

When water levels drop too low during a spa or bathtub, the components are in danger of freezing in winter. And frozen components can find yourself with costly freeze damage.

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