A true summer of relaxation with a Spa Tub

Most individuals placed the lid on their hot tub during the summer season and ignore it until fall, except for the occasionally cool summer night dip. We're here, fortunate for you, to spread a little secret to assist you soak all summer long comfortably! Below are some tips for a secure and enjoyable soaking in your hot spa tub in summer:

Always protect your skin

Regardless of the temperature you choose, remember the sun draws water! Whether you feel it or not, keeping your skin protected and wearing the same amount of sunscreen you'd use in a pool as plunging yourself into the waters is very essential. Give yourself a little more protection by adding some shade to the configuration of your hot tub.

How to refresh the water

Try to turn the temperature down to or below 95 degrees Fahrenheit if you want a relaxing experience in your hot tub during the day. Either during the hottest days, anything smaller than your average body temperature, which is 98.6 degrees, will feel relaxed. If you want to really cool down and turn your hot tub into a "cool tub," turn the temperature down to or below 85 degrees. Test the temperature of the water to discover the ideal heat for a daytime dip or to prepare with colleagues for backyard parties. Keep the cover on when not in use to ensure that the water remains cool so that the hot tub does not absorb the heat of the sun.

Take a dip at night

When the sun goes down and cooler temperatures come, hot tub owners often use the hot tub. Whether in winter or summer using a hot spa tub, following a simple set of rules and tips helps make the experience more enjoyable. It also enables individuals in warm water remain secure. Remember, the beginning of the summer season is a good time to drain and replenish your hot tub, something you should do at least 3-4 times a year to guarantee that it is safe and balanced.

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