The perfect sound for you relaxation exercice

The tongue drum (also known as steel tongue drum) is a melodic percussion instrument that facilitates musical self-expression. It is a common instrument for music therapy and relaxation due to its gentle, soothing and melodious sounds. The handling is very simple and playful, so you can create melodies that will impress you with their beauty from the very first attempt. You can use your hands or brushes to play our tongue drum.

Easy to connect with other devices

You can plug in a Multiscale tongue drum (guitar or bass) or an effect pedal or Sound card for endless possibilities thanks to its microphone and jack wire. You can also play it without attaching anything else as there is no need for electricity to make it work. In nature, woods, in a live band with other musicians or in a music studio, you can play our steel tongue drum. Everything is possible and everything has been designed to make it easy for you to enjoy playing music and creating beautiful melodies, even if you never played a musical instrument before. A true melodic percussion instrument, the tunable tongue drum offers soothing sounds and a use based on intuition. Indeed, there are no specific techniques to produce relaxing melodies, the "flip-flops" or "slats" present on the surface of the instrument define the number of achievable notes.

When we are comfortably installed, several styles of play are offered to us

The most suitable technique for a discovery session is that using the two mallets provided with the instrument, the sound is both powerful and felted and the notes are easy to sound to produce relaxing melodies. A second, different and more elaborate approach is to use a hand and a mallet. The latter, accumulating notes, creates melodies while the hand alone plays a role of resonance control on the instrument. This technique is ideal for beginner learning. Finally, the latest style of play more technical but also more enjoyable, only the two hands come into contact with the instrument

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