How to rent a boat while abroad ?

You can be proud because there is no condition to rent a boat, so everybody can rent a boat. As simple that it is, if you have a boat with no license even a nautical experience, you just ask the services of a skipper. Otherwise, you can drive your boat if you hold the authorization.

The three certificates of a boat rent

First of all, you must have a coastal license. This is required to drive a motorboat over 4.5 kilowatts. You can get it on your 16 years old. It will allow you to sail at sea, on lakes or closed water levels up to 6 miles from the coast. The second certificate is the fluvial permit or “inland waters.” This is necessary to drive certain motor boats on rivers, lakes and canals. And the last one is the offshore license. This extension of the coastal license is intended to navigate, at an unlimited distance from the coast, any type of motorized pleasure boat without limitation of size or engine power. But it needs more qualification to get how to rent a boat abroad. You will need to obtain the International Certificate of Pleasure Craft Operator for this. In fact, renting a boat is a good way to make it profitable without having to sell it.

How to rent a boat?

When you get all certificates to be a rented boat, you have three options to rent this boat as rental management, classifieds publicity, and boat rental sites between individuals. The rental management is to entrust mandate to a renter for the rental of his boat. This lessor is in charge of operating the boat in exchange for a contract with the owner. The deposit of advertisement consists as the name suggests submitting an announcement for the rental of his boat. That's what Samboat does: an owner can rent his boat directly to an individual on a dedicated website.

At last, renting your boat is the right plan to complete your savings month, there is some advantages and disadvantages, but it is a famous game now.

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