How to dress while wearing sneakers?

Wearing sneakers never gets old, but it's always nice to have fresh ideas on how to style them. In recent years we've seen the comfortable staple paired with more than jeans or sweats. If you spent your childhood in a pair of Converse or even Nike Air Force 1s, you already know, the right sneakers can make a statement. In fact, if you've been tuning into the runways or street style, then you know sneakers can be the difference between a basic or banging outfit. Sexy sheaths, breezy maxis, and micro minis all work when paired with just the right footwear. And not only will you earn major style points for thinking outside the box, but you’re comfy or feet will surely thank you. In fashion, comfort and style don’t always go hand in hand. In fact, when it comes to looking trendy, feeling comfortable is far less likely to be a factor.

The ultimate cool-meets-comfy look

First of all, a pair of plain white sneakers from boohoo is a must-have; you can pair them with virtually anything for a cool look. Another way to go about finding the perfect pair of kicks to wear with your favourite floral dress is to pick one colour from your dress’s print and opt for solid sneakers in that shade. If you own a statement pair of sneakers with unique accents such as shear ling, fur, metal detailing, or an unusual silhouette, choose a dress that’s more on the classic side so that all the attention is on your shoes. And note: feminine styles like slip dresses pair well with kicks in soft pastel shades.

Mango Floral Vintage Dress & Valentino 'Bounce' Low-top Leather Trainers

Bold '70s prints are having a fashion moment and a flowy Mango dress is the perfect way to be a part of it. It has a vintage shirt collar and an elastic waist with an adjustable drawstring for a custom fit. We love the juxtaposition of the dress’s vibrant print and the simplicity of this pair of white Valentino trainers with chunky rubber soles.

French Connection 'Aventine Plains' Midi Shirt Dress & Acne Studios 'Manhattan' Leather Sneakers. Whether you like it or not, “dad sneakers” are here to stay, and we have to admit that they definitely deliver in the comfort department. That’s why we wouldn’t mind styling a pair with a simple, relaxed shirt dress by French Connection. It's an outfit we could literally live in.

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