All the natural benefits from hydrotherapy

Water has had a good effect on the human body and its health for ages. We are advised to drink half a liter of water a day because 80% of our body consists of water. But to keep in good shape, it is better to drink lukewarm water.

Let's talk about the benefits of hot water

There are several therapy centers that use only water to heal. We're talking about spa centers. These firms heat the water to the right temperature of 30°C to reshape the body. Once the body is in the warm water, it reacts against heat stroke and delays its temperature to match the warm water. In addition, with the effect of the nozzles sending air into the pool, we feel a good pressure on our body, especially our muscles.


This water jet can also work on an elongated body as a massage, so here we talk about aquakine. It is a matter of massaging the body with only a jet of hot water. And the physiotherapists insist on the part of the body that makes you pal.


Aquagym can be done in a heated pool, but ideally in a spa. And you can repeat the movements by adopting a tubs for sale at home. The aim is to let yourself be carried away by the water pressure by performing classic movements. You work your muscles even harder, but you also keep a good figure.

We have the back school

It's a program for people with back problems. The goal is to work on the back while floating on the water, and it is both a kind of muscular rehabilitation of the back, but also a good lumbar relaxation. Similarly, with this exercise, you work on your breathing which will have a positive impact on your blood pressure and a good heart rate.

And of course, the skin will smooth and lighten, as it is cleared of all its dirt and dead skin.

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