Why not opt for a home jacuzzi ?

Inaccessible luxury, the whim of stars ... prejudices are rife with regard to spas, but well-being having become a major concern, they have become democratized to be now accessible to all.

Easy to install and accessible to all budgets, the spa finds its place inside and outside. So how can you take advantage of these bubbling bubble baths providing relaxing massages and relaxation while staying at home? Tropicspa helps you find the home jacuzzi that's right for you!


The spa is a pool of hot water equipped with nozzles that send pressurized water mixed with air. The heat of the water and the massage provided by the nozzles provide well-being and relaxation. Based on this principle, anyone can install one at home: in their bathroom, on their terrace or in their garden, it all depends on the use you want to make of it!


The spa can be used alone, in pairs or shared with friends for a convivial moment of relaxation. The prices of the models vary according to the size - between 2 and 7 places - and the options chosen: number of jets, seated or lying places, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, music ...
Like a swimming pool, the spa liner plays an important role in its cost. At the entry level there are synthetic coatings, such as polyethylene or acrylic, which are resistant to wear and accessible to all types of budgets. Entry-level models will get you an inflatable spa for $ 400.

If you are concerned about using natural and long-lasting materials, wood is for you! Comfortable and insulating, it is resistant to the effects of time. For this moment of relaxation inspired by Nordic tradition, you will need between 8,000 and 10,000 dollars, depending on whether the spa is built-in or above-ground. Stone for its part allows elegant and solid achievements, the cost of which remains high. A stone spa costs between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 and requires the intervention of a craftsman to set it up.

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