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The greatest ways to recover as an athelete

In order to the pleasant side of the bubbles and massages in the water, the spa have a real interest for athletes who want to recover after making a prolonged and intense muscular effort.

Rehydrate well after exercise

The rehydration of the body also eliminates the waste toxin that you accumulated during exercise, compensate for losses of minerals (Chlorine, sodium, potassium...) and promote the reconstitution of muscle glycogen stores, sugars stored in the muscles.

The post-exercise meal

A sufficient consumption of starchy foods (Pasta, rice, bread, semolina, whole grains...) to promote the restoration of energy stocks. Fresh vegetables (Raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, fresh fruits...) rich in water and minerals to rehydrate the body. Fish (Tuna, salmon, mackerel...) or eggs, rich in animal protein and therefore essential amino acids that participate in the renewal of muscle fibbers.

Sleep well to get fit

This sleep is very hard to find after physical exercises. That's why a dip in a whirlpool will be relaxing. In addition, the models of jacuzzi for sale with sportsmen are well argued with different features of relaxation but also fitness. And without a doubt, after the hot bath, we find sleep and the body can regenerate as quickly. Finally, sleep improves and regenerates the immune system, which is beneficial for the athlete since intense physical activity affects his defences and makes him more prone to infections.

Adopt good food habits

Immediately after exercise: After exercise, it is recommended to consume foods rich in glucose and fructose to quickly "rescuer" the body and promote the recovery of energy reserves of muscles and liver. The fresh fruits are all the more recommended for their alkalizing property which favours the elimination of the acidity of the body.

Some sports clubs have chosen to take full advantage of the spa's virtues and offer their members hydrotherapy sessions in a spa, an outdoor Jacuzzi or even a swim spa.

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