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Buying a jacuzzi bathtub at the right time

People often wonder when the best time to buy a hot tub is, and the answer can vary depending upon several factors. The best time for you to buy a spa, may not necessarily be the best time for everyone. For instance, you may be flexible with colours, size or delivery date and be looking for the lowest possible price, or maybe a finance special is what appeals to you, or perhaps getting the most bang for your buck (music, salt water system, cover lifter system, etc.) is what appeals to you.

Fall through winter

There is no denying, this is probably a consumer favourite. There is a selling season for hot tubs, spas and swim spas and it begins in spring when consumers start venturing in their backyards again and it ends when the kids are back in school and the holidays begin. Therefore, beginning in September, you will find spa retailers are looking to start clearing out their excess inventory. Making this a great time to buy a jacuzzi bathtub. Typically it goes like this. Starting in September you will find spa retailers offering discounts on in-stock, warehouse inventory spas. Stores are motivated to clear out inventory they carry during their season as it is often being financed and they will soon start paying interest on what has not sold. As fall progresses, and dependent upon how quickly the inventory sells, the next phase to be released are floor models and demos which are on display at the store.

Selling principles hardly get changed

Keep in mind that during this season, the store is not motivated to sell a hot tub that need to be ordered from the factory. Therefore, you will be hard pressed to find a great price if the spa has to be factory ordered. In addition, many of the higher quality manufacturers shut down production sometime during December and during the holidays to do clean up and re-tooling of their manufacturing facility. This could result in longer waiting time to get the spa you want from the factory.

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