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A look into Equitack and their range of restored vintage stools

To have a horse is a tendency nowadays, and the really impressionist is to bring the equipment dress of horse on red carpet. For this winter, the selection of horse’s equipment is famous. We assist of one of its parade horse.

Equitation in a high level

Riding is not a sports practice like the others because of a thousand reasons. It’s a subject that interest many persons, especially the girls. The truth is the equipment of horse are more expensive than to buy a horse. And to prove that we have money we select the most expensive sellers. All the equipment and material for the horse is at your disposal in our online shop. Saddles, rugs, bridles, straps and covers adapted to each season are in a serious price in winter. About saddle, we have to choose the leather one created with the sheep to be in comfort. Because we are in winter, there are a supplement of materials equitation. The equitack seller offers a choice of saddle pads adapted to each practice of riding. A rug for the horse should be technical, breathable, comfortable and well connected to the saddle or damper of your horse.

Choose restored vintage stools

Horse equipment is used for horse riding, protection and care. Practicing riding is choosing a material adapted to your horse. The horses need some specific product that the owner must give satisfaction. All products have been chosen according to their quality of manufacture, values and reputation of the brand. Equitack dispose a nurse of product that is working to expand our range and gives you more option about the mark and the quality of the product. Even to adopt an used one are repaired to get this form like new one. You have a choice of quality horse equipment: saddles and accessories, shawls and bridles and then all the covers and kidneys adapted to each season, everything is there to equip the pony and horse leisure or competition.

Now there are many sorts of Polar Back with a little shirt is very versatile. It has a polypropylene lining infused with powdered ceramic fibers and a polyester face.

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