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What you need to know before launching a website

The thing a few website is that it’s made from several tiny parts, which suggests there are some ways you'll ruin . From the littlest things like misspelled words or broken links to more obvious ones like plugin errors and missing site redirects.

Prepare an inventory of all action items

First thing to try is to list down all important items that require to be checked on your website. This list should include your content (blogs, pages), design aspects (images, layout), site features and functionality (sign up forms, buttons, sliders), and other technical aspects (backend development) among others. In each action item, clearly define what must be done. Content – proofread. Images – confirm they’re the proper sizes and optimised for web. Links – confirm they are going to the proper pages.

Set up analytics

Once your website is out there, you’ll want to understand how well (or badly) it performs. We recommend fixing Google Analytics early before launch so you'll evaluate your site’s performance and determine what works and what doesn’t. allow us to know if you would like help fixing Google Analytics and we’ll rush to your aid.

Get support

Confirm that somebody from your tech team will assist with the web site launch. Or contact your third-party php programming website provider and inform them about your scheduled launch, so when something goes wrong, you'll contact them immediately

Check that your website is secure

Starting October 17, Google Chrome will show up a “Not Secure” warning when accessing any website that runs over HTTP. So, if you don’t want to scare your potential customers away, best to possess an SSL certificate installed on your website. More about SSL and why you would like it during this blog post. Finally, an honest agency is that the one that manages to deliver all of the tasks on the agreed date by following all requests and customer requirements.

We’re happy to assist you properly install and configure an SSL certificate for your website. you'll need about fortnight to urge this to figure, so give yourself a while before launch.

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