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Wellness tips for the upcoming summer

The sun accelerates skin aging and dehydration. There are some solutions for finding it soft and hydrated. A spa routine is the key to clearing stress and letting go gently in order to take care of your skin and yourself. If we add all that care, face and body, instead of using one? Unlike our daily routine where we don't take the time, let's go and try to maximize the benefits of each of our care.

Tips for a successful summer

Here are some tips for a well-being during the summer. Have fun!!

Keep insects away and heal their bites

Summer not only sees the release of the sun, but also the release of much less pleasant insects. Go for a spa session with plants that form a natural barrier against them: geranium, lemongrass, thyme or lemon balm that repels mosquitoes, tomato plants and walnut wasp’s leaves, and basil, mint or clove flies. If you haven't been able to prevent it and you've been stung by the insects, a white vinegar compress or chopped parsley will reduce the itchiness of mosquito bites.

Relieve sunburn

Many foods can fight against the pain of the sun's bite, the plague of all vacationers too happy to expose themselves to color. Choose a jacuzzi tub with white vinegar and you won't be disappointed! Other tips spread on the red areas like moisturizer, natural yogurt, cottage cheese or liquid honey, before rinsing it about fifteen minutes later. Do not hesitate to visit the website in order to make a choice among the best jacuzzi for sale.

Limit the sweating discomfort

Summer heat goes hand in hand with increased sweating. Some hygiene rules make it possible to limit the inconveniences: to wash every day, twice if necessary, to wear clothes in natural fibers or to limit certain foods such as onion, garlic, animal proteins, spices or beer. Additionally, a scented Jacuzzi tub session will help you to be comfortable and feel good about yourself.

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