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Taking away the stress of everyday life

There's sunshine here and many of you want to swim in your pool. We have had high heat in some parts of France in recent days, up to more than 37 ° C. This year, the summer has been highly anticipated. We were excited, but we were not at this high temperature, from the first rays of the sun. It is possible to use the sun in a different way, contrary to its usual usage, where it is nice to rest in the hot water of its inflatable pool.

Enjoy at the best temperature

First of all your water may be a little disturbed by the high temperature. In order to clean up your water, we advise you to filters slightly longer than usual. Then a few hours before you have to unwaver the shower, so that the water doesn't heat too much. We suggest you. The inflatable cover protects your pool, but the temperature of your water increases. You should open the spa at these high temperatures so that the water is not too hot. You should then use the purification kit to remove any impurities that may have come into the water.

Warm water after a stressful day

At the end of the bathing, bring the deck back in the spa in order to protect against dirt at night. Bathing in at least warm water is better than usual. Enable your filtration to work and stop the heating process. Your just needs to return to the water by the end of the day only lukewarm. What better way to relax before bedtime than to swim in cool or warm water at sunset in the evening. The temperature of your body will drop and you will feel more sleepy.

It is advised to lower the temperature of your body before going to bed in order to allow for a better and healing sleep. It is important to note that, before you go for indoor hot tubs for sale, you should know the wellbeing it provides.

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