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Indulge in heat and bubbles to keep warm

In winter, your in-ground pool is no longer usable, that's for sure. By cons it is possible to swim in an outdoor jacuzzi tubs. Choose a solid spa and install it according to the advice of the pros. You can immerse yourself in the hot water even if the snow covers your garden.

Spas that keep the heat even in winter

The insulation of a spa is such that the water remains at high temperature (about 37 ° C), even if the outside temperatures go down into the negative. This means that in the middle of winter, you can put yourself in a swimsuit and enjoy the spa. The difficulty will be managing the temperature shift between outdoor air and spa water. If you are brave or addicted to wellness equipment, this should not be a problem!

In fact, the insulation installed allows the water to remain at a high temperature even if the outside temperatures are very low. In addition, we have developed spas that reuse the heat produced by the engine to consume less energy.

The benefits of the Spa in winter

A session of Spa has many benefits. The Spa stimulates blood circulation and also facilitates the elimination of toxins. The massage performed by the jets of water can also reduce muscle pain.

The warm water massaging your body and the fresh air on your face will give you a very pleasant sensation for an optimal moment of relaxation. The changes in temperature between the entrance to the Spa, the session and the exit of Spa energize the body and have a particularly toning effect.

The main advantage of an outdoor spa is that it will also allow you to breathe and get fresh air without having to suffer the cold winter. Plus, with Wi-Fi, you can heat your spa's water remotely and only go out when the water is hot.

Thus, you can enjoy pleasant moments alone or accompanied, in your spa. You will stay warm throughout your session!

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