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Everyone loves to dress at Asos

More than a shopping site, asos is an autonomous mode planet on which one gets lost with pleasure. Here, the products (850 brands announced on the French site) are not only classified by brands or genres. A series of themed mini-shops enrich the route: White, the minimalist line, Revive, the vintage-inspired fashion, the Salon, which houses the dressy and trendy outfits.

Common attraction thanks to an added value of exception

The added value of the site lies in its didactic presentations in trend pages (a tactic also applied by Net-a-Porter, in luxury version) and its monthly magazine online, a sophisticated and calibrated editorial bonus to whet the appetite of serial shoppers ; the fashion series are accompanied by product codes, to be found on the site, of course. By blurring the boundaries between trend book, fashion journal and clothing store, ASOS has taken a few steps ahead and attracts 13 million people each month to its fashion planet, where the Internet user paradoxically tastes the delightful impression of to be alone in a temple of the look.

Les Asos Insiders

Many girls love to spend hours (literally hours) on Asos, scroller all the new trends and pieces that will soon make the happiness of our dressing. Since the creation of the site, dozens of black and white spotted packages flocked with the Asos logo have been received for the wisest. So they have had time to become real experts, so sharp that they know by heart the golden rules of the e-shop that allow to benefit from discounts or to have a wider choice of clothing. But a gang of ultra trendy girls is even more addicted to the British site than the others: the Asos Insiders. They are called Barbara, Kicki, Lesley or Astrid and have made Asos their ultimate wardrobe. On their Instagram accounts with a luscious aesthetic, they share in their community looks composed only of parts of the e-shop. And there is for all styles: 90s vibes, sportswear, pin-up and even the futuristic ... These Asos Insiders are somehow the personal shoppers site. A fun and inspiring way to shop. So we do not bother to poke a few ideas to the most stylish girls.

Many people are inspired by the fashion proposed by Asos. Young people love it and put it everywhere. Asos has implemented all the means that have made its success with young people.

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